Friday, October 26, 2018

5 Reasons to Get a POS System for your Supermarket Business

Supermarkets are frequented by many people on a daily basis. Serving such a huge traffic without a POS (Point of Sale) system can be cumbersome. This is because you may enter some figures incorrectly and end up incurring huge losses. Besides that, doing the math of every sale can keep the customers waiting for too long. However, there are some supermarket businesses that don’t appreciate the importance of using a POS. They regard it as unnecessary expense. On the contrary, a POS is very easy to operate. In fact, you don’t need to have any special skills. The system is also economical because you only buy it once and for all. Here is a comprehensive list of reasons why every supermarket business should get a POS system.

1. Improved Productivity

When your cashiers use a POS system at checkout, they are able to serve more customers as opposed to when they do everything manually. This is due to the fact that the barcode scanner is much faster in reading the prices of items. You only need to hover the scanner’s light beam over the products and it will retrieve their prices. The other advantage is that you don’t have to keep checking your inventory because the system monitors the number of items that are in stock and notifies you when the level is too low so that you can restock. Advanced models even send an alert to your suppliers and vendors.

2. Reliable Source of Information

Any entrepreneur that has tried any of the 3 best supermarket POS systems of 2018 will tell you that they make it easier to manage your business when you are away. If your employees have been reporting to work late when you are not around, the system can help you know the time they started working. This is because the system is connected to an app that’s installed in your phone. The app gives you access to all purchases that are made at the supermarket. Moreover, every receipt indicates the time of transaction and the employee that printed it. You can also know the products that are moving fast out of the shelves.

3. Enhances Customer Relations Management

With a POS, you don’t have to print a receipt for every sale. This is because you can send receipts via email. All you need to do is refer to your customers’ base when processing receipts. Such receipts are usually more convenient because they can be accessed from any location as long as you have a device that’s connected to the internet. You can also use such emails to inform your customers about upcoming offers on various items. It also makes it easy to identify loyal customers.

4. Prevents Human Error

Errors are inevitable when you add the figures manually. Such errors happen because employees are overwhelmed by the number of customers that are waiting to be served. When an error happens, the customer is usually undercharged or overcharged. Using a POS reduces the chances of wrong calculations. This is because the system is very accurate as it can’t use prices that are not in the database of the inventory.

5. Enhances Transparency among Employees

It’s easy for employees to steal from your business when you don’t have a POS system. You will only realize that your inventory is reducing drastically but there is no money in the till to match with the sales that have been made. The problem is that you can’t trace how such items are disappearing from the shelves because your employees have ways of covering their tracks to avoid getting caught. When you have a POS system, employees will not even dare to steal any item because they know you are monitoring the inventory in real time. Every item that’s removed from the shelves has to be accounted for in the system.  

Can you think of any other reason to get a POS System for your business? Please share your reason in the comment section.

Guest Post by Dan