Friday, November 27, 2009

Get a Google Wave Invite

Finally, Google has opened the flood gates of invitation. May be by year end every one of us will be surfing the wave. Allowing participating by invitation is one of the most innovative, out of the box, marketing bait by Google. Everyone (including me!) who has got an invitation is spreading the word about it in some way or the other. Till few weeks back there were reports that a few wannabe entrepreneurs were selling Google Wave invitation for a price. Even now few of them are sending invites in return of some favor like promoting their blog or website.

I’ve received an invite from one of my blogger friend, who was kind enough to invite me without asking anything in return. I am on the wave now and I must say Google Wave did make an impression, the so called first impression. Let me explore a bit to check out if it is up to the great hype it has generated during the last few weeks. This is how it looks like:-


Want to know more about Google Wave: Read Google Wave: The e-Mail Killer

Need a Google Wave invite/nomination?

Please let me know. You can post a comment with your e-Mail Id. I’ll send a mail to verify if the e-Mail Id is valid. The invitation will be send immediately after receiving your e-Mail confirmation reply. One invitation will make you eligible to invite 8 of your friends on the wave. The number of invitation will increase, once you are exhausted with your 8 invitations.

Happy Waving~~~

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  1. Basant da... its subhro ...hope you remember wave seems to be amazing...Please do invite me for that if you have any invitations gmail id is ... Thanks

  2. hey basant,

    hope you are doing good. kindly consider me, if any invitations are left. i guess u r sleeping, my ping on gtalk got no response.

    also, nice blog, .. keep it up !!

    Abhishek ~

  3. Hi,

    see, if you can send me an invitation at

  4. @Abhisek, Dinesh - Check your e-Mail a/c. Wave invitation sent.

  5. send kijiye bhai -

  6. I want to see how this works.

    (thanks for your comments on my post)

  7. Hello Sir,
    May consider me also in the queue if some invites left. Regards.

  8. please invite me to the Wibiya site. thank you.

  9. Please send me an invite at

  10. Hi,

    If there are anymore invites left, I'd be happy to receive one at maxa.villa[at]

  11. Hey, I hope there are still some invites left, I would love to receive one.


    I'm very curious about this and would love an invite!

    Thanks/Thanks anyway

  13. would love the invite,


  14. Hey man send me an invite. That looks awesome!

  15. Interesting. Please send an invite.

  16. @Mokkshaa: Please provide your e-MailId in the comment.

    @Others: Invitation has been sent to those who has confirmed their e-MailIds by replying to my mail.

  17. Could you please send me an invite. I am really interested in this.

    Thanks! :D

  18. Send me an