Thursday, October 1, 2009

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Amazon EC2 Dedicated Instances and Cloud Definition Will 3G & LTE Accelerate the Cloud Computing Adoption Rate?
In Absence of Dedicated Privacy Law & Data Protection Law - Is India Ready for Cloud Computing?  Is Multi-Tenancy an Essesntial Attribute of Cloud Computing?
  The State of Cloud Computing – A Message to the Government of India
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  Murthy Chintalapati - Founder-CEO - Ozonetel [] Girish Mathrubootham - Founder-CEO - Freshdesk
Ezhil Arasan Babaraj - CSS Corp Jamal Mazhar - Founder & CEO - Kaavo Narasimhan (Kishore) Mandyam - CEO - PK4 (Impel CRM)
Sunny Ghosh - Director - Wolf Frameworks Sahil Parikh - CEO - Synage (DeskAway) & Author "The SaaS Edge" Suresh Sambandam - Founder & CEO - OrangeScape

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 Cloud Computing - A Catalyst for IT adoption in SMEsSMBs
 15 Memorable Cloud Computing Quotes  What IRCTC can Learn from redBus Cloud Implementation 5 Essential Attributes of a Cloud Service 
 Cloud-Computing-Introduction  Google-vs-Bing Web1.0 vs Web2.0 vs Web3.0


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