Thursday, October 1, 2009

Techno-Pulse & Basant Narayan Singh: Profile

Techno-Pulse is a technology blog for enthusiasts.

This blog deserves your attention because its objective is not to serve as the ultimate reference site for the hard-core techie. This blog strives, instead, to serve as source of information and knowledge for enthusiasts, who often are not techies, but who are nonetheless eager not only to follow the buzz in the latest technological innovation, but to truly understand what that buzz is all about. If you are one of those technology enthusiasts who loves to feel the pulse of technology… Welcome! >>>

Why Techno-Pulse?

Basant N. Singh near Sun City South AfricaThe great BinGoo (Bing-Google) may provide you with thousands of links on any given day about any given technology, but you may need to click-through numerous pages before you understand even a part of the buzz, or you may not understand it at all, even after drowning yourself in an ocean of links! 

For this messy situation, you can thank the infinite loop of jargons used by Gurus to describe technology, specifically the most dynamic ones, including web technology. You march from page to page, battling the new jargons, keying them one more time into Google, with hopes of winning the knowledge to demystify the puzzle. Odds are, by the time you discover some truly useful links, you have already tested your patience to the brink and are far too tired to assimilate the new knowledge you so doggedly sought.

Here @ Techno-Pulse, my goal is to bridge the gap between the Guru and the common tech-enthusiast, to be your go-to source for clear, jargon-free explanations of the origins, uses and expected futures of these powerful, emerging technologies. In doing so, I hope to save you both time and frustration.

A bit about my Qualifications to make this Claim

I'm an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Verify here.

I am a day dreamer with a consuming passion for the latest technology. I am also a Software Engineer by profession, an Instrumentation Engineer by education and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). I love to design and develop software on the Microsoft .Net platform, and I’ve delivered many projects for Fortune 500 clients while working for a top notch CMMi level 5 Indian IT company. Currently I am tickling my valuable gray cells to power an unknown Start-Up based at City of Pearls - Hyderabad; India.
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Tomorrow’s tech-buzz demystified today…
Let us transcend ourselves to the next level where we are above the confused crowd of I’ve heard about it to the confident tech-enthusiast of Yes, I know about it.
नमस्ते :)
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Thursday, October 01, 2009