Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guest Blogging Guidelines - Techno-Pulse

Final decision to publish the article solely lies with the editor. Before you send any article please note the following guidelines/conditions:

  1. We do NOT promote copycats or sub-standard articles.
  2. Only One relevant link per article (including author’s bio at the bottom)
  3. You can NOT republish your article elsewhere.
  4. Affiliate Links - NOT allowed.
  5. There’s no word limit (Recommended: 750 to 1500 words).
  6. Topics already covered in Techno-pulse will be rejected.
  7. A picture speaks a thousand words.
  8. You are free to promote your post on social media.
  9. Don't worry about formatting. We'll take care of it.

                  A guest article submission does not mean an implicit approval to publish. The editor’s decision is final. You’ll be intimated in any case: Approval or Rejection.
                  If no edit is required, the article will go live with in 48 hours. Any other query? Feel free to contact.


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