Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google vs. Bing: An Interesting Comparison

Bing Is Not Google. BING is not GoogleThis may be un/official full-form of BING. But contextually it is true. This is more pronounced after the improved Google's algorithm of identifying and highlighting synonyms. Google is introducing a bit of artificial intelligence to make itself as intelligent as at least a 7 year old child. Now it can understand that pictures & photos mean the same. It can also relate the popular abbreviations & highlight its full-form.

Of late it has started understanding the context of a search query. It’s a small but remarkable step towards making the web intelligent. A significant step leading to the innovative contextual search from today's keyword search. I must confess I am impressed by the quality of Google’s new synonym search. I did a comparative study of Bing & Google with the following search queries. Undoubtedly the Google search quality has set a new benchmark for Bing and others. Perhaps that’s the reason very few web users think of Google vs. Bing as there’s no such comparison, Google is far ahead of BING.

Google vs. Bing Based on same Search Queries:

1. s/w update bb

Any human being with an average intelligence can understand that the query s/w update bb means software updates Blackberry. Following was the search result of BING. Here out of 10 results displayed at first page only one was a bit relevant.

Google vs Bing Search

 Observe the following screen-shot to see how Google Synonym & contextual search is working together for the above query. 10 out of 10 results are relevant.

Google Bing Compare

It has identified (highlighted) software for s/w.
It has identified Blackberry for BB
This is how Google synonyms is working. How the contextual search is working? BB can mean Blackberry but sometimes few fitness freaks use it for Bodybuilding as well. Google has intelligently analyzed the word BB with s/w to understand that by BB the user means Blackberry and not Bodybuilding.

Now type the following keywords:

2. BB fitness tip

Check it & you’ll find that the same word BB has been understood by Google as Bodybuilding and has been highlighted. Artificial intelligence at work!

 Few other search queries you may find interesting:

  • Song words (Lyrics is highlighted as a synonym of words)
  • Bank a/c (Account is highlighted)
  • Cool a/c (Air conditioning is highlighted)
  • Cloud s/w (Software is highlighted)
  • PM India (Prime Minister is highlighted)

You may think it only identifies popular and traditional acronyms. You may be wrong as I was surprised to find the following informal word:-

LOL-Bing vs Google search

LOL: Laughing Out Loud is highlighted.

Currently you may not find synonyms at work for every query. Moreover you may find some poor (quality) synonym as well. It depends on many factors.
Google's official blog put it as "Our systems analyze petabytes of web documents and historical search data to build an intricate understanding of what words can mean in different contexts."

Trivia: Updated on July 25 2014

                Try to search the following in Google:

      • do a barrel roll
      • tilt
      • zerg rush
      • recursion
      • Google in 1998
      • Google backwards

Definitely BING and other search engines has miles to go before they can catch up with Google’s intelligent search algorithm. Share your experience of the latest synonym search.

Let us call it, The beginning of intelligent search. Perhaps not the end of Google vs. Bing. The innovation continues…


  1. Google is google! No competition for next few years!! As of today BING is very new search engine! It needs to develop a lot, but it will for sure develop...

  2. search engine especially google become more and more genius. love it.

  3. Bing is very bad and slow in indexing. It needs to do more work.

  4. Google is wonderful, Bing doesn't crawl my site, even when i have 30+ full bing score linking :(

  5. Well bing is growing.! But no comparisions with google...Well google is 99.9% relevant.! hhahha... ;-)

  6. Google is still smarter than any others but sometimes it is stupid too. Nice compare!

  7. Well said.. Bing can never be as good as Google.... Though I do like the Bing image search...

  8. They can't become google. Bing is so slow and It needs more work.

  9. Searchengine Means Google, No more other options.

  10. I am not impressed with Bing myself-they are slow to index which is poor in my book.

  11. Google has been in its field for a long time now. We cannot expect Bing to match its standards this fast..But I believe..Google is God of search, as of now..

  12. With time, Bing will catch up to Google. It took Bing an awful long time to index my new blog so I am not placing any bets just yet!

  13. Enjoyed you seeing in action, I do searches on Bing all the time because its my default search engine by my work desktop image and it never finds results I am looking far, I always fall back to using Google for my searches.

  14. No one can beat Google and this post is the one example of Google efficient result which is the reason for the success of Google.

  15. There is no substitute for Google for some decades.

  16. Google is te best specially for smaller languages like slovenian and such, but bing also has its good moments.

  17. This only proves how Google evolved with social trends. They do this to make search results more relevant and up-to-date.

  18. ...and already this article is pretty much out of date. Bing does a much better job now of dealing with contextual search. I still feel Google has an edge in this area, but only just. For example, using the examples above, Google still appears to handle s/w a bit better than Bing (Bing doesn't really handle the 'cloud s/w' example at all well). On other cases, there is no clear blue water between the two.

    Bing has rapidly evolved into a serious alternative to Google, especially in the US where Bing tends to provide the best experience. It has some way to go to roll-out all its capabilities to the rest of the world. Google is still the best general-purpose global search engine, and has improved massively in the last couple of years thanks, in no small part, to the competition offered to it by Bing.

  19. This is why people prefer Google over Bing in their search. These small things make the search more relevant.

  20. Hey,

    Great post. Agree with most of the posters above. Google is definitely the best, Bing has a lot of catching up to do.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  21. no one beat google for next few decades

  22. No one can beat Google!

  23. Google is only search engine that is smart and i think this is the only reason that make it #1 and most preferable search engine

  24. I Finded That The Bing Index Is Very Slower Then The Google Index, For Me Google indexed 80 Pages In A Week, But Bing Indexed Me Only 1 Page, Even i Submitted My Site Maps At the Same Time To Both of them. So Yahoo And Bing Have To improve Their Index Rate..