Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3D TV: Latest Technology Innovation

Starting from the black & white dumb box type to now on the shelf latest razor slim HD & LED buzz, the idiot box has undergone a sharp & quick revolution in a short span of just 20 years! And may be its no longer an idiot, as in the near future it’ll be available in its new avatar with 3D-ready screen & may be with high-end intelligent processors. Quite fascinating!

So, what’s the next big thing in the TV viewing experience? What’s the next big wave for a monster change? In the 1st week of Oct’ 09, Sony has unveiled it’s 3D TV technology.  Apart from the tech. titans like Sony, Panasonic & Philips a US – based startup HDI is also in the race for this emerging technology.

How consumers experience will be changed?

It’ll be an IMAX like experience in the comfort of your living room. For sports lovers it’ll be a revolutionary development in TV viewing experience. He’ll feel as if he is enjoying all the actions seating in the stadium. The 3D TV technology will be achieved, primarily using Sony’s single lens camera capable of capturing 3D images. For sports lover it’s a great news as Sony’s European Research Lab show off a technology where 3 cameras will be used for recording the sports event. Later the images can be synthesized, stitched together  using software & broadcasted for the viewer in a real time scenario.

But the 3D TV technology is still in its baby phase. It requires special polarized glasses (specs) to view 3D images. I wonder how many of you’ll not hate to wear it before switching on your TV for your most awaited Indo-Pak cricket match?


So, you may feel a little disappointed. No need to. Why? Cause, Philips has already demonstrated their 3D TV sans special glasses. Others are also catching up. But unfortunately it seems there are still some technological hiccups before it’s available for mass consumption. Undoubtedly 3D TV is on it’s way to your living room and it’s a matter of a year or two before we can say good bye to our existing set.

Till then: Happy Channel Hopping~~~

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