Sunday, November 1, 2009

Funny Images & Contexts to Make You Smile

I compiled my list of the top 11 latest funny images & contexts to make you smile. It’s a countdown starting from Smile # 11. It simply means, as you go down your smile should get wider to transform itself into an LOL, provided you’ve that subtle sense of humor though! #11 & #1 are conceived by me. Excuse my shallowness, Rest in the list are borrowed but due credits have been provided where ever applicable. Smile Please …


Funny Images Contexts to Make You Smile Nobel Peace Prize 2009

For the records: The 20th century legend who was undoubtedly the synonym of non-violence was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1937, 1947 & 1948. Unfortunately, he was never awarded. The Nobel Foundation has dedicated a web page explaining why History's most famous pacifist is probably the peace prize's most famous omission.


Funny Images you laugh out loud


Funny Images Contexts Make You Smile Social Media


Funny Images Contexts Make You Smile Cellphone population


Funny Images Contexts Make You Smile Ringtone

#6. Govt. of India Unique Identity Project

Funny Images Contexts Make You Smile UID India


Funny Images Contexts Make You Smile Celebrity Blogging


Funny Images Contexts Smile microsoft vs Google rivalry


Funny Images & Contexts to Make You Smile blogger vs layoffs

[#3. Credit: Time to look busy by Jessica Hagy]

#2. As per Dictionary the word ‘LOSER’ means:

1. Someone who has never or seldom been successful at a job, personal relationship, etc.
2. A person, team, nation, etc., that loses
3. Someone or something that is marked by consistently or thoroughly bad quality, performance.

Now, type (or Copy/Paste)  in your browser address bar. Don’t try it in this page, try it in a new window.

[#2. Credit: Harsh]

#1. I feel this is the ultimate one as it’s related to one of the most admired global brands. Once upon a time having a Gmail Id was a sort of ‘status symbol’. Now everyone is having it. You can do a simple exercise in your spare time. Log into any of your e-Mail accounts (viz. Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediff, Live or Gmail) Now, suppose your Gmail ID is then send an e-Mail to

Who will receive this e-Mail?

Not you. So, simple.


Un/fortunately, You’ll receive the e-Mail in your Gmail Inbox.

But, you may need to do it practically to believe me.

Now Let’s do one more simple Gmail hack

1. Open

2. If your Gmail account USERNAME is then type it as abcxyz. (If it’s abcxyz then type it as in the USERNAME textbox.

3. Type your Password.


Cause, You’ve safely landed into your Gmail account.

The Bottom-line: Gmail doesn't recognize dot ( . ) as character within usernames, you can add or remove the dots from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address. You add or remove any number of dots anywhere in the address, it doesn’t care at all. I found this accidently as I was receiving someone else’s mail. I dig further and got ‘enlightened’ with this chanced discovery :-) May be I’ll share the whole story in some other post.

Now you must have known for yourself why is redirected to

Keep Smiling…

And do share any of your smile & ‘Laugh out Loud’ moments or any funny context you came across. Also let me know which one is your favorite among the listed 11 here.


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  3. Good attempt basant .. really funny.. :P

  4. haha, it's truly funny.. such good domain name,
    why just redirect to google.. :D

  5. Best one was the UID and the noble prize

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  10. Hi Basant. I saw your comment on Izzat Aziz'z site, and I ended up visiting. I enjoyed your other post about web 1.0 - web 3.0, but in this post where you mentioned that google email does not recognize or care for a dot within the user name,this is something I had no clue of.

  11. I have already tried LOSER.COM and also the Gmail trick with and without the dot is cool! Thanks

  12. @Sekhar Sahu: Owner of LOSER.COM? Here you go
    Connelly, Brian
    284 Page Creek Blvd.
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    Just go for a who is search.
    @Basant Singh: Really very good Compilation of jokes. I love technical stuff (who doesn't?).So I like your blog.
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