Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to become a SaaS provider?

Guest Article by Iliya Gladkov

Lately we are witnessing in the global market a lot of SaaS (Software as a Service) projects, most of them are offered through the service of the company which is also the creator of the system. Other service providers (specializing in hosting), would be happy to use someone else's SaaS system, but are very often faced with well-designed commercial development products and open-source options which are not suitable solutions for several reasons.

I want to talk about easy and economical way for hosting companies to become an independent SaaS provider.


Competition among hosting providers have long led to a situation where virtually all of their services are of the lowest level. As a result, they have to actively seek for solutions in the form of running the most profitable service or join the trend of virtualization and cloud systems.

In my opinion, virtualization for the hosting providers is more or less clear (large-scale cutting of low cost and trimmed VPS resource), the clouds for the most part seemed to be only publicity (expensive and difficult, especially for the corporate sector), but with the launch of high-margin services, it can surely lead to success.

What remains now is to find good projects that can be effortless, secure and easy to use. It is important to remove all support from the providers as much as possible and transfer this responsibility to the developer of the system. This requirement is quite extraordinary, but it is achievable.

Our company has released a special tool, the TeamWox SaaS Agent, which is a control panel to manage multiple versions of SaaS collaboration TeamWox, and the best of all - its free!

What is special about TeamWox SaaS is that it allows one server to hold multiple copies of SaaS without the need to allocate VPS hosting for each individual copy.

This is a very cost-effective solution for providers of SaaS or Cloud services. It is enough to have one dedicated server with Windows 2003/2008/Vista/7, a static IP address, a wildcard SSL certificate (for example, *. and automatically controlled DNS server (for example, Simple DNS Plus).

Installing the agent is very simple - download, install and connect a Default Account. The agent will automatically install the necessary updates and the TeamWox system installer (35 Mb). After a simple setup of IP addresses, SSL certificate and DNS, then you are ready to launch SaaS and distribute the copies.

The creation of a new copy of TeamWox SaaS takes maximum time of 2 minutes including the filling of the registration form of licenses. Moreover, all licenses up to 10 users are granted for free for an unlimited time, and the free trial version period for an unlimited number of users is issued for 2 months.

TeamWox SaaS Agent

The SaaS provider will have nothing to worry about, other than just run the service with a free 10 user licenses and two-month trial, in an attempt to comprehend whether the system is suitable for them. If you agree, you can easily become a partner of our company MetaQuotes Software Corp., gain full access to our marketing materials and full technical support from our specialists.

Since it is impossible to share all the information on this post, below you can find some links to explain our proposition in more detail:

I would be happy to answer any questions!

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