Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wolf Cloud PaaS - Cent Based Pricing Model

When the pricing of a service comes down from dollar to cent, you can safely conclude that the competition is heating up. A leading Cloud PaaS provider from India - WOLF Frameworks is in the news for their Cent Based Pricing Model. Wannabe entrepreneurs and smart developers have one more affordable option -  to quickly build and monetize SaaS or to make a move from On-Premise to the Cloud/SaaS.

Founded in 2006, WOLF Frameworks has introduced a path breaking platform which allows business users to design & deliver all sorts of business applications over the internet without writing a single line of technical code. Offered over the web, this framework fundamentally revolutionizes the way companies can access Business software's OnDemand, manage change, lower cost, unlock their intellectual potential by rapidly transforming ideas as deployed applications & in turn increase Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption worldwide.

Wolf PaaS Salient Features

  • Prebuilt SaaS Architecture that handles multi-tenancy, scalability, provisioning, etc.
  • Out-of-the-box Code-Free Design Framework that enables rapid delivery of applications.

Recently Wolf has Introduced a Cent Based Pricing Model

  • Cent based pricing model – Not $ 20/ per user.
  • Pay-as-you-GROW Pricing model where customer is relieved of the constant increase in his operational costs and can now focus more on growing his business.
  • WOLF Pricing Highlights:
    • Standard Business Plan of USD $ 50/-per month gets you 50 users instead of 5 (as per older plan)
    • Per user cost is less than 0.80 cents (INR 35/-)
    • Online Payments, no more wire transfer and bank checks
    • Make your own Pricing for unlimited users with Organization Business Plan

In my opinion, the pricing sounds good with a not so significant rider – Data Storage Limit of 15MB – for USD $ 50/-per month plan – should be increased. Anyways, I hope as the Cloud/SaaS adoption grows – economies of scale will further bring down the prices.

For details check Wolf Pricing

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