Monday, March 21, 2011

5 Businesses that Benefit the Most from Cloud Computing

While cloud computing is known to have some security risks, most experts in the industry agree that, at least for certain types of businesses, the benefits will be much more significant than the risks. Here are five of those areas of business.

1. Data Loss Prevention

Loss of data in an information economy can be one of the most devastating things that can happen to a business. A company that previously had a great reputation could quickly lose its popularity if it loses a significant portion of its data. This is especially true if data about customers and business partners is lost, which can bring the daily grind of commerce to a halt. Since backing up data using cloud computer is incredibly easy, and requires fewer up front costs, it will be the better choice for many companies.

2. Applications

It is becoming more common for businesses to choose the "software as a service" model rather than the in house model. While common business sense might suggest that it makes more sense to pay for a product once and move on, rather than paying a monthly fee, this is not necessarily the case with software, especially in rapidly changing fields such as customer relationship management. These tools are constantly being improved upon, and choosing the pay as you go model allows a business to use the latest software at all times.

3. Tracking Employee Performance

Global companies hoping to monitor the performance of employees, sales force, and various locations throughout the globe can highly benefit from cloud computing. The bird's eye view provided by this kind of network software was very difficult to implement before the existence of cloud computing. Today, it is surprisingly simple to implement, regardless of the size of a business.

4. Online Business

It shouldn't be surprising to say that online businesses will use cloud computing. The primary benefit is web server space. The costs of purchasing a sever and getting a website up and running are high, especially if a significant level of traffic is expected. Using cloud computer for hosting is the ideal solution, especially for smaller businesses.

5. Collaborative Businesses

In order for large scale projects to be completed, it is often necessary for people who are geographically separated from one another to collaborate. Bigger businesses have the option of flying everybody into the same room, and there will probably always be cases where this will be necessary, but there are many cases when it isn't. Applications running on cloud based software make this process very convenient. With the ability to communicate and share files over the network, it is sometimes possible to avoid the costs of face to face communication.

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