Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cloud Cartoons, Humor - The State of Cloud Computing in 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words – cartoons worth even more :-) Here’s my first attempt at creating Cloud Computing Cartoons - the year that went by...

The common man was still searching – may be confused due to information overload.

Top Global IT players were racing ahead with their Cloud Services. There was an exception too – cloud strategy went in wrong direction. The competition claimed: The cloud is not a box.

Training Institutes jumped to cash in on the cloud buzz – promising almost anything to anyone. 

Cloud Data Privacy and Security issues.

Govt. around the world heard the Cloud Computing buzz! And we heard their funny excuses.

IaaS providers were smiling all the way! Now they are considered a magic pill.

Most of the PaaS were in Beta phase, finding it hard to convince developers to join them. Will 2012 change this? Hope so.

Yet another cloud blogger! croak-croak-croak.

Many IT companies tried to join the exclusive Cloud Club - masquerading as Cloud Service Providers.
SaaS - Viral Customer growth! But where is the elusive Break-Even Point?

Hope a few of these Cloud-toons made you smile. Please spread the word: +1, Tweet or Like. [Check left column]
P.S: eToons created using ToonDoo Maker tool [toondoo.com]

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