Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Tech Everybody Should Want in 2015

As each year goes by, we seem to be getting closer and closer to the futuristic technology that once only existed in science fiction. It’s a nice thing to dream about; after all, who wouldn't want a hover board or robot servant in their life?

We may not be closer to any of these inventions, but there is already a selection of available technology that can change our day to day lives on the market.

Personal 3D Printing

3D Printing is already well known, but at the moment it’s only available for those with large bank accounts. For anyone who doesn’t know, this machine allows users to download blueprints from the internet and create physical replicas using a range of materials.

The scope is extraordinary. From an acoustic guitar to a fully functioning car, already people are pushing 3D Printers to their full capacities.

What we want to see, however, is the creation of 3D printers for home use. Not only would it be extremely useful, but it could also benefit people who work from home. For example, graphic designers could radically transform the speed and manner in which they work if they had such technology to hand.

Exoskeleton Suits

Exoskeleton suits may sound like something that only exists in the latest Call of Duty game, but they do exist and are already being used in a variety of contexts.

In a nutshell, they are a mobile machine consisting of an outer framework which is worn by a person. It is powered by a series of motors or hydraulics that provide energy for any limb movement.

They are used to help wearers by boosting their endurance and strength. In most cases, they are found in the military, both in and out of combat. However, if exoskeleton suits were introduced in a civilian context, it could help rescue workers survive hazardous environments.

Another interesting development is that exosuits can be used to assist people with disabilities. Although this technology isn’t currently available for public consumption, there are at least three separate projects going on that revolve around helping those that can’t walk properly.

If it can change lives in a positive way, there’s no reason why the technology shouldn't be embraced by the public.

Virtual Reality

For many years, various people have been trying to make virtual reality a tangible thing, but most have failed. This has been slowly changing, however, and there are numerous technologies that are being developed which are delivering real results.

The first and most well-known is Oculus Rift. This piece of tech allows users to play first person view games as if they are the actual character. Wearing specially designed goggles, a user’s head movement is detected and allows them to see through the perspective of a character.

Another virtual reality device that has only just been announced is the Microsoft HoloLens. This allows you to see normally, except with augmentations. 3D objects, screens and much more will appear before your eyes, and can be interacted with appropriately.

Both of these could change how we work and interact with each other on a major scale. From more immersive gaming, to making design process that bit easier, virtual reality is quickly showing how it can be incorporated into real world circumstances.

Windows 10

Windows 8 hasn't been a success at all, with Microsoft spending more time focusing on stitching together mobile and web interfaces instead of a fully functioning OS. It’s clear they are trying to make amends for this disaster however, by skipping Windows 9 entirely and going straight to 10.

The introduction of a voice app much like Apple’s Siri, and the fact that it’s free for Windows 8 users is promising. Microsoft really are trying to produce a platform that can be used effectively across all devices from laptop to phone to tablet that will leave all users satisfied.

Apple Watch

One of the biggest innovations in recent times is wearable tech in the form of smart watches. It’s like having the power of a smartphone at your wrist, allowing users to make phone calls, use various apps and of course, tell the time. This could be the perfect solution for those that are always losing their phone on a night out.

Apple have focused on style as well, so it’s not as if you’re transporting an iPad on your wrist. They are being offered in a variety of colours, and actually look like something that will fit with fashion trends. A price hasn't been announced, nor has the release date, but we’re sure it’ll be revolutionary once it is released.

Google Glass

Following the trend of wearable technology, Google Glass is an exciting innovation which, sadly, can no longer be purchased.

With this technology, taking photos, sending texts and browsing the web can be done with a few simple voice commands. However, do not fear. Google Glass 2 is being worked on as you read this, so soon you will have the option once more to invest in this revolutionary technology.

The Steam Machine

The Steam Machine is Valve’s go at creating a next generation gaming console with the power of a computer. Valve are well known for putting care and attention into everything they release, so it will be interesting to see how they do with this challenging product.

There aren’t many details as of yet, although one thing we know about is the controller. Instead of directional controls it has touch pads, creating a more sensitive gaming experience. Hopefully more information will be unveiled soon so we can get even more excited about this console.

The Tech Everybody Should Want

Looking at the technology shown on display in this blog, there’s little wonder why everyone’s so excited. 2015 may prove to be an impressive year for technology, and we can’t wait to see what is being worked on behind closed doors either.

This article is a guest post contributed by Rachel Jensen.


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