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Home Video Walls as Part of the Smart Home

Most of us have seen a video wall at some point in time; only that we never paid so much attention. From control rooms such as those in the meteorological departments and media outlets to data relay centers such as in the stock exchanges and sports stadiums, video walls have literally transformed every aspect of life.

However, up until recently, many of us wouldn’t believe that this ingenious invention could find its way into our homes especially due to the fact many believe it is a technology that is preserved for the experts in large data processing industries. 

Video walls are now part and parcel of our homes; transforming them into a more secure and convenience place to live other than just a roof over our heads. In this article, we shall look at why a video wall could be that perfect smart home appliance you could ever have.

How Does It Work?

A video wall consists of multiple rear projection display-cubes that are skillfully arranged side by side in a manner that the cubes display a single image. The viewer will think the image came from a single source while in actual sense, many cubes were involved. 

The main reason why video walls are preferred is due to the fact they can merge the three most essential qualities of a great display unit – high contrast, high resolution and uniform brightness. However, aside from the three main qualities above, there is more to the technology of video walls that make them an ideal smart home device, as explained below.

Let’s Begin With the Obvious 

When we talk of a smart home, what springs to our mind is a home where everything can be handled remotely from the convenience of our location and this is indeed true for the most part. But to begin easy, a video wall is a cost-saving initiative that may just as well replace your TV, monitor and other display units you use in your home, or simply merge them into one functional unit.

As already discussed, the wall is made up of multiple displays that are tied together and overlapping over each other. This means you can use it as a TV this moment and then use it as a white board the next moment or you may as well partition the screen to have both of these functions running concurrently. You can use it to display the data collected by you surveillance cameras as well as exhibit a presentation from your home projector. It is the multiple functionality in these home video walls that make them especially great for a conscious home owner.

Improved Screen Area

It is often an embarrassment when you invite guests over to your home and as you are busy chatting away, a fancy piece of news flashes on the screen and people have to strain their eyes to catch the action. Even worse, some of them would move close, obstructing the views of those seated at the far end of the screen. 

However, the introduction of video walls in homes has taken away that agony. As home video walls boast of greater screen area, you can be sure it will be just big enough for any room you choose to place it inside your home. 

Enhance Your Home Security Using Video Walls

A video wall accepts inputs from satellite sources and may be synchronized with your camera as well as video recorders. This means that you can use the wall to monitor the security situation in your home. All you have to do is find compatible security surveillance gadgets, connect those to the equipment and you are able to track all the movements within your home based on what these surveillance devices can pick. 

Well, there are quite a few screens that function in the same way so you may be wondering what makes a video wall the better option. Remember what we said about resolution. The display cubes account for very high screen resolution and this enables you to analyze every possible movement around your home without having to strain your eyes trying to process the images broadcast by your outdoor cameras.

Allow Flexible Scheduling

Last but not least, this is one great thing you will just love about video walls. Assume you have a routine where you wake up each morning, run through the surveillance cameras, and then watch your favorite morning inspirational program before heading to work. A video wall can make all these possible; all you have to do is customize the settings to allow for flexible scheduling.

By synchronizing the video wall with your other smart devices, you can tell the system when to sound an alarm so you can wake up, then based on the sequence of programs fed inside the unit, the video wall can offer flexible scheduling based on your daily routine. It can seamlessly change between a video camera and a TV, enabling you to watch your favorite programs while still keeping tabs with the events outside your home.

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