Saturday, December 12, 2009

World in ‘Word Clouds’: The Story of a Decade

Cloud is the buzz and may not be only for the Cloud Computing. It inspired me to visually represent the decade [2000-2009] beautiful Creative Word Clouds. Hope it refreshes you and takes you down the memory lane to the beginning of the decade: 9/11 > Boom > Lehman Brothers > Recession > Bailout > to the latest Dubai meltdown... At Technology front it started with Y2K > Web 2.0 > Blog > Social Media > Cloud Computing > iPhone > Google Goggles > Continues…


So, interested to create your own fancy Word Cloud? It’s quite simple. You can use Wordle a Google App Engine application. It’s free and you can use the image in various ways: Wallpaper, Book Cover, Greeting Card, Campaign Poster, T-Shirt, Brochures, Business Cards or any other creative way you wish. Moreover, you can use it in your blog or website but you must attribute/acknowledge it.

Pre-requisites before you create Word Clouds at Wordle:

You have to download the Latest Java Plug-in and Install it to your system.

Steps to Create Word Clouds

  • Visit Wordle 
  • Enter some random text in the text area and press Create.
  • Remember, the more frequently used words will appear more prominently.
  • Your attractive Word Cloud is rendered in a few seconds.

The application is very quick & efficient. Hats off to Jonathan Feinberg, the creator of Wordle. Play around change font, layout, color scheme etc.

Have fun…enjoy your beautiful Word Clouds~~~


  1. Very cool. Going to give the word cloud a try!

  2. Very niLooking cool.. will give a try.. :)

  3. Nice tools, it is refreshing to see the "cloud".

  4. Hey.
    Thanks for the tools.
    And you have given the great example.

  5. u said u have to install java plugin...but what i know...javascripts are not crawled in there any other way to use tag clouds from seo point of view?