Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bing Domain Score and Listing in BusinessWeek

Continuing the previous post on Traffic Statistics & Analysis of Techno-Pulse I’ve 2 more good news to share with my readers:

So after about 2 months and 11 articles, I am feeling happy to share that one of my blog post Web 3.0: The Intelligent Web was picked up by Business Exchange section of BusinessWeek.

Optional Info: BusinessWeek is a leading New York, United States; based weekly business magazine. Founded in 1929, BusinessWeek magazine is the market leader, with more than 4.7 million readers each week in 140 countries. It competes with the likes of Fortune and Forbes, which are published bi-weekly. In 2008, Bloomberg BusinessWeek launched the Business Exchange, an innovative online offering that aims to better serve the evolving information needs of business professionals.The site was recently named Best New Site at min’s Best of the Web Awards.

Today morning I was going through Google Webmasters Tools when I noticed the Backlink pointing to BusinessWeek. Actually it has been listed 3 weeks back but I wasn’t aware as I am not so regular with Google Webmasters Tools.

I am yet to figure out how it appeared in their listing or who submitted it. Anyways, It’s more heartening to learn that the post came with a tag that says: RWW Semantic Web Favorite Blogs- PostRank (PostRank: Best). To be frank, I don’t understand what does that mean. Any insight by fellow bloggers will be appreciated. Though, I’ve registered with BusinessWeek & playing around a bit to know more.

Web 3.0-intelligent-web-BusinessWeek

You can check the listing at BusinessWeek | Web 3.0: The Intelligent Web. Or you can also search through in the listing at BusinessWeek | BX Blogs. It should be there somewhere on 6th or 7th page. It keeps on changing as more posts are added.

Something more to cheer about:

Finally Bing has been a little impressed and it has started listing this blog from last 2 weeks or so. The Domain Score for Techno-Pulse is 5/5. You can check the 5 green boxes in the following screen shot. It seems it’s very slow in indexing or is it looking for so-called authoritative websites/blogs to prevent the listing of junk sites!

Optional Info: Domain Score & Page Score; Provides a measurement of how authoritative Bing views your webpage to be, with five green boxes being the highest rating and five empty boxes being the lowest.


Any tip by fellow bloggers on how to improve Bing indexing will be highly appreciated.



  1. ur traffic from search engine is gr8.will u mind sharing the keywords you got traffic for :)

  2. @Zeesu: Out of 11; 4 of my posts are doing extremely well (i.e. on 1st page of Google Search) in Google SERP and have driven unique traffic almost on a daily basis without any promo. Others are indexed but on 3rd or 4th…pages. Currently I am focusing to increase the click-through. Few of my posts submitted in Digg has also got good SERP but I’ll soon remove/undig them from Dig as most of the times Dig is placed higher in Google than my blog. Moreover, I personally believe Dig is not worth! For keywords have a look at the following . For few of the following Dig listing will also appear which will point to my blog.

    wireless electricity innovation (at #3 or #4) |wireless electricity diagram( #11) | add microsoft bing translator to blog (#1 and #3 Dig) | add google translate widget to blogger # 4

    The above SERP keeps on fluctuating but the change is not so significant. Even different combination of above keywords will show but SERP will differ.

    I’ll post a detailed article about it as few others have also asked to share something about it.

  3. Cheers buddy.. very proud to see that one of friend and fellow blogger achieved this in very short span..

  4. Even bing only indexed my sitemap. I think it takes time initially. I suggest you can wait some more time