Saturday, December 5, 2009

Traffic Statistics & Analysis of Techno-Pulse

*900,000 New Blogs are created Everyday!

Perhaps countless number of blogs and websites are already present on the world wild web. When I was about to start my blog few of my friends raised a genuine question, Given the above statistics:

Who is going to read my blog as there are already millions of established blogs?

My 1st post was on 1st October 2009. After 2 weeks I registered my blog with Google Analytics. Till now my blog has only 10 posts (Excluding 2 posts on About me & Contact). Google Analytics has the following statistics for Techno-Pulse during last 50 days(approx).

  • 1147 visits, 2107 Page Views.
  • Visitors from 58 Countries, 257 Cities.
  • Visitors used 29 languages. (I guess, language settings in OS)
  • Visitors used 10 Browser/OS combinations.

Country wise break-up follows:


I am delighted to find that Techno-Pulse is getting majority of the traffic from Search Engines (read Google) than any other source. I hope it helps in sustainability of the blog in long run.


City wise break-up in the following image: Chennai in India is leading traffic provider. Outside India it’s Jamison (USA) followed by Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).


The following Browser & OS image shows:

  • OS: We love it or hate it, Windows rules. Microsoft’s dominance is unchallenged.
  • Browser: The war is getting fierce. Firefox is catching up quickly! Chrome, perhaps more of a hype than popularity! Apple Safari is also used, more than I had ever thought of!


Before I conclude this post, I thank my class-mates in school & college for their faith in my tech-writing ability. Special thanks to my blogger friends: Rajesh Kanuri, Izzat Aziz, Gaurav, Shekhar Sahu, Gabe, Tinh and many others for their encouragement & feedbacks.

Moreover, Thanks to Google and 100s of unknown readers who stopped by @ Techno-Pulse.

Though the stats are NOT so impressive, compared to other blogs of same age. In spite of that considering the fewer number of posts & my erratic posting frequency, I am ‘sort of’ happy by these statistics!


*Number of Blogs source: Article Alley


  1. great gooing dude.. your stats were really promising.. All the best.. good to see that you were getting a majority of share from Google...

  2. good stats for a blog that is so new, very good traffic. now all you have to do is increase more post and carry on all the good things you have already been doing :)

  3. GReat achievement buddy and thanks for including me in the list. I hope your blog will go up to higher level

  4. Wow... it is very interesting to see the data... inspired me

  5. Amazing job. You will get lot of traffic in future. Congrats again.

  6. @Rajesh, Uttoransen, Tinh, Bobhandburry, Rahul : Thanks for visiting. Though the stats are nothing compared to what most of you guys are having, With your good wishes, I'll try my best to achieve more milestones in coming future.

  7. Its a great going, very impressive and a huge reader from chennai and bangalore the tech centrals on India.

  8. Excellent traffic. i suggest you can post more frequently. Good luck mate. BTW are you also from Chennai>

  9. @Gaurav: Thanks for visiting.
    @Ramkumar: I am from Hyderabad. But it seems, my server for wireless service provider, ISP is located in Chennai :)

  10. Congrats mate! keep it up.... its really good to have a great amount of search engine traffic! keep it up bro!

  11. Nicely done. Keep it up. Hmm... My 2cents, change to WordPress if can since you are still new. WordPress has more freedom to customize your blog. And good for long term. :)

  12. always a great feeling when you see visits from search engines starts to come and keep increasing by the day, congrats for the traffic, keep it up :)