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India Based Cloud Computing Service Providers

21st century economic power house: India, the 2nd fastest growing economy has mesmerized the world with its stunningly high economic growth rate since last 2 decades. A World Bank report has projected that in 2010, the rate of growth of India's economy would be faster than the currently fastest growing economy (i.e. China). What does this mean for SMBs, PSUs, MNCs or any business entity based in India? Last 5 years have seen Indian companies on a buying spree, resulting in acquiring many big & small overseas companies. In brief, Indian companies, sitting on a huge cash piles, are ready to rapidly scale up in their niche.

Updated List - India Based Cloud Computing Companies to Watch in 2011/12

Interestingly, India is a global leader in providing IT services but the implementation of IT in its burgeoning domestic market is still lagging. This may be a boon in disguise as they have an opportunity to adopt the latest trend in technology arena - Cloud Computing.

I’ve already posted an article on global Top 10 Cloud Computing Service Providers of 2009. Now let us check out what are the options for companies that are looking for India based Cloud Computing Service providers. Currently, most of them are start-ups and are nowhere near the top global cloud vendors like Amazon, Google, Salesforce or Microsoft but they have the potentials to compete with these giants in near future.

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Here’s the list of India based Cloud Computing Service Providers, in random order.

Zenith InfoTech

  • Base Location: Mumbai, India
  • Cloud Offering: PROUD
  • Cloud Type: IaaS

An IT product development and innovation company. With an investment of INR 175-crore, this is considered as India’s one of the most ambitious R&D efforts in IT. The company is expecting 2,000 - 3,000 clients of Proud in next 2 years.

Wolf Frameworks

  • Base Location: Bangaluru, India
  • Cloud Offering: Wolf PaaS
  • Cloud Type: PaaS

Founded in 2006, it provides affordable cloud service with 99.97% Service Level Assurance. Wolf is a browser based On Demand Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for rapidly designing and delivering database driven multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. One can get started without writing any piece of code whatsoever. Coding only comes in when you need custom templates or specific integration Business Rule actions


  • Base Location: Chennai, India
  • Cloud Offering: OrangeScape Cloud
  • Cloud Type: PaaS

The experience of building business applications of varying complexity across industries has made OrangeScape the most comprehensive PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering in the market. You can transform your idea into a SaaS application and can showcase them to your investors, partners and potential customers. It has an impressive list of customers viz. Ford, Pfizer, Geojit, Sify etc.


  • Base Location: India
  • Cloud Offering: ITaaS
  • Cloud Type: IaaS+SaaS

ITaaS is a Nano in software. ITaaS framework is a one-stop shop for total end-to-end IT and hardware solutions. It includes hardware, network, bandwidth & business software. Currently ITaaS is available for 5 sectors: Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Education and Professional Services.

Cynapse India

  • Base Location: Mumbai, India
  • Cloud Offering:
  • Cloud Type: IaaS + on Demand SaaS on demand is a cloud hosted service and is the quickest way to get your own server, without the hassles of having to set it up. With a on-demand system, you get a dedicated virtual server running a appliance that is maintained & updated by Cynapse and hosted by Amazon, ensuring an infrastructure-free and worry-free experience.

Wipro Technologies

  • Base Location: India
  • Cloud Offering: Wipro w-SaaS
  • Cloud Type: SaaS

Wipro has built w-SaaS, a platform for rapid SaaS enablement and deployment on cloud, using some of the commonly accepted trends in software engineering and open standards. Wipro chose Oracle (Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Application Server and Oracle VM) as the deployment platform for w-SaaS enabled applications. The software vendor can deploy the same application on-premise or on the cloud using w-SaaS and Oracle.

Netmagic Solutions

  • Base Location: Mumbai, India
  • Cloud Offering:
      • CloudNet
      • CloudServe
      • PrivateCloud
  • Cloud Type: IaaS

Netmagic looks like a dedicated cloud provider in Indian market with a potential to become a big player in near future.

Reliance Data Center (a division of Reliance Communications)

  • Base Location: India
  • Cloud Offering: Reliance Cloud Computing Services
  • Cloud Type: IaaS+SaaS+PaaS (?)

A hosted infrastructure service based on the Microsoft platform for Enterprises and SMBs - geared to deliver India’s largest cloud infrastructure.

Infosys Technologies

  • Base Location: Bangalore, India.
  • Cloud Offering: Cloud based Solution for Auto Sector.
  • Cloud Type: SaaS (?)

Infosys’ Cloud Computing Consulting and Service offerings enable organizations to adopt the Cloud Computing platform selectively and effectively. But brand Infosys, the most recognized IT brand from India has to put significant efforts to catch up with other cloud providers.


  • Base Location: Mumbai, India.
  • Cloud Offering: DeskAway
  • Cloud Type: SaaS

A Web company delivering software as a service (SaaS) over the Internet to the global audience. DeskAway is the flagship product of Synage, based on a monthly or yearly subscription model, requiring zero-installation, and powered by a cutting-edge user interface, It’s the future of project & team collaboration software.

Though the companies listed here have a long way to go before they can be compared with the best in the world yet they have the potential to grow big with the growing Indian economy.

Have I missed any deserving Indian cloud company? 

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  1. Thanks for listing DeskAway :) Definitely the SaaS industry is growing and hopefully India will also have a significant contribution to it.

  2. It is good to know that India too is getting ready for the future. The future which is in cloud computing

  3. Very good to see the Indian companies coming into the Saas Industry which is budding and growing drastically..

  4. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for listing OrangeScape!


  5. @Priyanka: Deskaway deserves it.
    @Suresh: With its impressive growth OrangeScape has proved that any listing on India based cloud providers would be incomplete without mentioning OrangeScape.

  6. Its good to know India based cloud service providers.You have given nice detail about all companies.There is a good list in this post.I like that you have shared this list with us.

  7. Basant,

    Please take a look at Impel CRM ( We have had a SaaS CRM offering specifically focused on India for the past 16 months. We've picked up quite a few customers. From our experience, the SaaS market in India is really picking up tremendously.

  8. @Surekha: Glad to know about ImpelCRM. I'll check it once before I include it in the updated list.

  9. It's great to see many Indian IT giants like TCS are joining SaaS and Cloud Computing!

  10. Goood to see some big names...really very cool...! Didn't knew TCS provides cloud hosting..! Well nice post..!

  11. Webfosys Networks - we will also be planning to enter this field soon enough - we're a web design, SEO, content writing, web hosting & part IT company based in India.

    Once we've a larger customer base in web hosting, we'll be aiming SaaS next!

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  14. Hi guys. karROX Technologies in collaboration with Microsoft is conducting a workshop on Cloud Computing at Miraj Hotel, Andheri, Mumbai.

    This is good news for the future of Cloud Computing in Mumbai.

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  19. One company that is in the league with the best in the world is it won Technology Pioneer Award by World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland


  20. Goood to see some big names...really very cool...! Didn't knew TCS provides cloud hosting..! Well nice post..!

    Zest Infotech

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    Sify Technologies is also a big player in cloud computing, India.


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  26. You missed a couple
    ESDS, E2E, Ibee

    And I doubt if biggies like wipro, tcs are even B2C !

  27. Indian has vast potential in the Cloud segment, since we have the best of IT professionals.

    Cloud Computing is growing through the world and many leading companies are opting for this cost-effective solution.

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  31. Thanks Basant they are really big players in cloud computing.

  32. luit infotech is also into cloud and they have nice CRM, DMS cloud SAAS products.

  33. Nice post and very useful one. I hope you would update this list in near future. And I would like you to add Cloudenablers to your list when you update this list. Cloudenablers is one of the leading Cloud Computing Providers from Chennai and they offer wide range of serrvices like Product Engineering and System Integration Services, Openstack Services, Cloud Migration Services and more.

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