Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Google PageRank, Traffic, SERP: My Observations

On the New Year eve of 2010, there was was a New Year gift from Google to Pulse of Technology. It has achieved a PageRank of 2 (from PR 0) in a span of 3 months. Surprisingly one of the articles, Top 10 Cloud Computing Service Providers 2009, has achieved a PageRank of 4! I am still wondering how to share this article’s PageRank to my Home Page i.e. Pulse of Technology. Please share your tips.

My traffic experience and observations after Google PageRank update on 31st December 2009:

  • I’ve noticed a sharp rise in the SERP of the article with PageRank 4 (mainly Google search). For many keyword combinations, now it appears at # 1 or # 2. For others it appears at the first page in Google search. Its bringing a significantly higher number of visitors from United States. Unusually today while writing this post the number of visitors from United States to my blog (as per Google Analytics stats) is more than the visitors from India. I noticed a similar trend in last 2 days.
  • The overall traffic has increased from approx 60 visitors a day to approx 90 visitors a day, from January 4th onwards. I’ve to increase the number of posts. Still lagging at a total of 18 posts in 3 months!
  • It may be a coincidence but I found few of my articles listed in 1st page of Bing and Yahoo in last 2 or 3 days. Earlier they were indexed but were buried somewhere on 4th or 5th page.
  • Most of the posts in my blog are having a PageRank 1. A few older posts are not ranked yet.

What are your observations after last Google PageRank update of 31st December 2009? Share your views & experiences.


  1. My home page is PR2 but some of my articles have PR3 and PR4. Hoping my home page reaches PR4 in the next release.

  2. Basant, I have a suggestion for you as one of your post has more pr than the home page!
    Put your name "Basant Sing" or "Home" or anything at the end of every post and link to your home page (you can see my blog). In this way you can ensure more pr of your home page than on the post (However this will not harm your post's page rank)

  3. The percentage of increase in visitors is around 50% for you.. pretty good and glad you have a nice pr now :)

  4. Thanks Rajesh, Gabe, Shekhar & Bangaloreloka for your feedback.

  5. Sometimes it happens that inner pages get more PR than the homepage itself, if you have got good navigation structure in your blog, there is nothing more to do, the link jouce will slowly flow to the other pages from that page.

  6. Hi,
    As you said here "Most of the posts in my blog are having a PageRank 1. A few older posts are not ranked yet." The same condition are happened with my articles, actually i posted many articles in many different sites before three or four months so most of the submitted articles got the page rank 1 or 2 and some articles are not ranked yet. I think its all are depend on popular sites who get lots of visitors.

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